What’s in a name?

JANUARY 2020 sees us introduce our absolute FINAL logo after many months of trying to ensure the logo is able to tell the world exactly what it is that we do! After much discussion, debate and then consensus, what you see is our final (hopefully!) logo for the foreseeable future!

Without trying to bore anyone on the history of the company, the officially registered name is DOUGLAS JONES: ORIGIN8. So, we initially created a simple logo to let the market know who we are or what we do. Having spent the better part of twenty years guiding and growing ‘DOUGLAS JONES’ mosaics, I thought that incorporating the name into the logo would really let the market know who we were and what we did. However, truth be told, it soon became apparent that including ‘DOUGLAS JONES’ in the logo was actually more confusing to all and sundry and the market responded as such!

We then took a deeper look at what it was that we were actually offering. In marketing 101, you learn to keep a slogan short – easy to remember, advising EVERYONE what you are selling. The key thereafter is delivering on what you ‘promise’ through the slogan. For me, the answer was quite simple, but I have come to realize that my idea of simple differs from the next person – especially if our target market is not only the interior design field! That said, ‘CONSULT | SOURCE | SIMPLIFY’ (I am sure you will agree) really said nothing about who we are.

Do any of you remember the corporate slogan: SIMPLER | BETTER | FASTER? The well-known South African Bank were obliged to change it rather quickly to: ‘INSPIRED | MOTIVATED | INVOLVED’. The reasoning behind this? People couldn’t agree or relate to their initial slogan! That story only motivated us to get it right – and we allowed ourselves one last chance to do just that!

The first question we asked was: what do we actually do? The answer was simple enough but complicated to put into a catch slogan. Can you imagine looking at a slogan that read like a mission statement? Something like: ENSURING AGELESS WALL AND FLOOR SURFACES THAT CAN’T BE UNSEEN THROUGH A COURTEOUS, PROFESSIONAL AND SPECIALIZED INTERIOR CONSULTING SERVICE.

While this does explain who we are, how do we make it more palatable? The answer was what you see in our slogan today: ARTISTIC SURFACES. There was a suggestion to use the word ‘COVERINGS’ instead of ‘SURFACES’, but again we felt that the word ‘surfaces’ described our specialized field more than the word ‘coverings’.

So there you have it. Not an easy process – but we hope it speaks to you and continues to be a logo that backs up everything we offer.

Thank you again for your support,

We look forward to working with you!

Anthony Douglas-Jones

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