To consult…or not to consult?

Completed: March 2019

This is the question I had to ask myself when starting out in this business.

The thought of physically going out to consult on tile decor interiors changed as I soon realised I had an intense passion for what I was doing. Coupled with that passion is a love of interacting with people from all different backgrounds irrespective of budget or style.

In essence, tile décor for me is like taking a walk through the Louvre on a warm Paris afternoon. The excitement as we watch new trends develop; sometimes dated and unfashionable trends come full circle to inspire us  yet again with the sense of nostalgia, taking us back to simpler times; or a completely new and innovative trend, never seen before…These are the things that excite me! I love talking about materials or discussing fashionable colours with anyone who shows an interest! (Actually, generally I still talk about the subject even if they aren’t interested!)

So what do we actually consult on? I think it is safe to say that everybody has their own very unique impression of what is stylish, what is warm, what is bold or what will simply blend in with the surrounds. We all have our own idea of what looks good. My job is not to convince you of what I think is stylish; my job is to help you bring about your visualised concept by sourcing the exact product you are looking for.  In so doing, the end result will be your masterpiece come to life.

Completed: March 2019

How do I help you? Well let’s go through the facets required to effectively consult with regards to tile décor:

  1. A clear idea of the overall outlook – your visualised picture…Sometimes this is a process…We may need to hash out ideas and keep brainstorming until you feel completely happy and comfortable.
  2. A very clear indication of the budget for the area you are wishing to enhance.
  3. An open mind in order to be able to visualize a project come to life from the page of a catalogue, to your own special area.
  4. The patience to step out of your comfort zone. Many of us are afraid to make bold choices when it comes to fashion trend and style. We often feel limited in our choices because of what we feel society says we ought to do.
  5. A relationship built on trust – I will trust you to be honest and upfront with me, after all you are the one who will live/work in the space. You in turn, will need to trust that I will look after your ideas and do all I can to give you sound and insightful advice.

The whole process is a journey and it should be one that you enjoy because behind every happy client is an overjoyed consultant. I do hope you have the courage to allow ORIGIN8 to turn your dreams into reality. All it takes is a little step out of the boat…

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