The Tale of The Five Ryan’s

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All memorable adventures are filled with a wide range of emotions. There is the euphoria of the highs, the disappointment of the setbacks and hopefully, once they all come together properly, the pure joy of reaching your proverbial destination.

When starting up a new business, any entrepreneur will see this adventure in much the same way. They will need to do their research, complete a comprehensive SWOT analysis, create workable barriers of entry, ensure the budgets are manageable and well, SO MUCH MORE! This should then lead to clear, approved plans followed by the ‘digging’ of the solid foundations and then finally the real building can begin.

I have certainly selected this image of building a structure properly, on purpose. We are all in this industry of creating masterpieces – whether you are an architect, builder, supplier, interior designer or bank manager! There are so many moving parts in the process from start to finish that the selection of key people is absolutely critical to the success of any adventure, challenge or objective.

So, where is this story going?

Well, I am a person who does not believe in accidental occurrences. I feel that we set things in motion with every action or decision we make. We may not always like the outcome and we may not always understand it but everything happens for a reason.

This is how it has been with our journey to get established in this industry, which thus far, has been well documented. With every entrepreneurial adventure, it is vitally important to have people who will encourage you, inspire you and give you critical feedback without aggression or malice but rather to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward with every decision. You need people who will use their talents and gifts because they believe in your ideas and that what you have to offer is valid and uplifting both to the economy and the workforce.  During the course of our journey, 5 individuals in particular have stood out. It was only once I stood back to look at them as a collective, did I notice quite a memorable common link between them.


I approached Ryan in 2018 for help with introductions to the most noteworthy architects and designers in Cape Town. He selflessly assisted me and asked for nothing in return. It was his willingness to share his knowledge and contacts that enables me to say that 2 years later, these contacts remain my most loyal clients. Thanks Ryan F. for your unwavering support and trust in our ability to bring Origin8 onto the map!


Ryan, as a family member, was just as excited about our journey to this point and when I asked him to help put my story into a 5 min video clip, he not only obliged (doing the filming and editing merely at cost) but has now become an inspiration and motivational master in the next step we are taking in launching an online ARTISTIC SURFACES and SALES training platform. Ryan C’s optimism and knowledge in this field is so vast. We are continually humbled and encouraged by his ongoing support and input! So much to thank you for, Ryan C.


As with any business or enterprise, a website is an integral part of an ongoing vision to market and promote what you have to offer. It is therefore vital for the website to be able to hit the mark from the get go, drawing the interest in your product material as soon as it goes live. Riaan has been the epitome of patience, understanding and encouragement. He has had an incredible hands-on approach and seems to be able draw solutions out of thin air! If we ever thought something was not possible, Riaan proved us wrong every time! We simply could not have done this without you! Grateful thanks to you Riaan – mission accomplished!


Without proper marketing material, you run the risk of losing confidence in everything you are selling. For this reason, you need someone who will sit with you, understand your vision and then translate that on paper. Ryan B. has been the most inspiring person to work with, not only because he is also running a successful trendsetting international design business with his lovely wife, but mostly because his patience in reflecting our ideas correctly has been outstanding! His attention to detail and drive to stay true to what we are asking for cannot be rivalled. Thanks Ryan, you are an inspiration!

PERSON 5: YIP…you guessed it…another Ryan

This time it is the turn of Ryan o.M

Ryan o.M is by far one of the humblest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I remember clearly the moment that he and his lovely (and equally inspirational) wife came into our lives. In the past 3 years he has been all over the world, including a quick stop in New York to assist in ringing the famous NYSE opening bell! Ryan has offered some invaluable input into how to get the online training working properly. His advice came with no attachments or expectations. He willingly and freely offered his knowledge, which in truth has been priceless. To have that kind of encouragement is in itself, completely humbling. Thank you, Ryan o.M. You are a true legend!

So there you have it! The tale of THE FIVE RYANS (or 4 Ryan’s and 1 Riaan ) who have helped Jackie and I set ourselves on this journey with much confidence and encouragement.


We are ALL ENTREPRENEURS in the incredible journey of life.

Whether we are bringing up children, redirecting calls at a switchboard or running a multinational corporation, there is no way we can look back and not see certain individuals as instrumental in one way or another.

There are so many people who quietly go about supporting us in the background without wanting any fanfare or hullabaloo and who are continually cheering us on. So now, I would like you all to sit back and think about those that have assisted you personally on your own entrepreneurship journey. Maybe even drop them a quite surprising but inspirational THANK YOU?

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