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– Anthony Douglas-Jones

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

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My absolute favourite place in the world to visit, (and possibly the only place I feel most at home outside of my own home) is Florence, Italy.

There is a magical charm and mystical beauty with a diversity of culture and people. It is a city of possibility mixed in with an historical base for many of the artistic legends and landmarks we know today. From the Ponte Vecchia to the quite astounding Uffizi gallery, they all pale in comparison to the tangible aura of the man that spent most of his time in ‘Firenze’…Leonardo da Vinci. His original sculpture of David is housed in Florence with a great deal of his other artistic masterpieces displayed in the Uffizi gallery.

The man, Leonardo da Vinci was widely regarded by many academic circles as the greatest genius of all time. The complexity and intricacies of his paint works are still being studied today! I find it quite ironic that a mind, (very likely to not have an off switch) who was known to be a chronic procrastinator and a perfectionist came up with the following well marketed phrase,


But is it really? Can simplicity really be the ‘ULTIMATE SOPHISTICATION’?

Well, I for one, am a believer! I also know a lot of interior design professionals who really do find solace in this particular phrase, in their quest to present a simple yet sophisticated solution to their clients.

When I began the strategising and planning of how to launch ORIGIN8, I came very close to actually calling the company, SIMPLICITY. While I did not settle on this name, I certainly let the spirit of Da Vinci guide my thinking.

I feel the closest that I have managed to come in honouring him, and I suppose, to letting his ideas guide our online shopper, is to name the third ORIGIN8 pillar, SIMPLIFY.

SIMPLIFY has been designed with the very focussed and determined tile décor shopper in mind. Those that know what they want and need to be able to purchase it with the least amount of effort or cost.

DOUGLAS JONES are naturally the leaders in the mosaic supply industry of South Africa and they were an easy addition, but there are so many other options to offer in any given area.

With this in mind, we plan to offer an online portal to allow the focussed, knowledgeable and time-sensitive shopper to choose exactly what they want at a price which is not a hinder the process.

The flexibility of the DOUGLAS JONES online shop is that it also caters for those who do not know exactly what they have in mind. The easy to use filters make it simple to navigate one’s way towards the product needed.

Lastly, the secure payment methods and customer centric communication ensures a very satisfying online experience.


ORIGIN8 – 3 pillars that allow for endless possibilities


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