‘The future is bespoke, expressive, personal….we sell functional art that defines who you are’
– Anthony Douglas-Jones


Your own masterpiece

Step by step creation process


Email us a photograph you would like to have converted to a mosaic mural, specifying colours and mosaic ranges required. Our mosaic software converts your design in a grid fashion as shown above.


The pieces are taken off the sheets by hand and collected for rearrangement.



Our production department then positions the individual pieces in their proper places using the correct size mould (jig) and the printed pattern generated in point 1 above.



They then complete the design in the mould in sheet sizes of roughly 300mm X 300mm.



Each sheet is clearly marked as per grid numbers depicted in point 1 above, enabling easy installation.



The sheets are placed together to check for pattern consistency and for all mistakes or missing sheets. Once this is done, it is ready for delivery.



The finished product installed on-site by your contractors.


Customise your own personal space with a pattern displayed from these following images or send us an image so that we can recreate a style to your liking.

Get the best quality available!

Don’t limit your dream

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