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– Anthony Douglas-Jones


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Twenty five years ago I celebrated, with pride, the fact that I had finally received my BComm degree from Stellenbosch University. Sure, I should have taken three years to get it, but I took the scenic four year route, as some people do! That said, as a young man, excited to join his father in the family business he started in the late 1970’s (Kenzan Tiles), I felt that I truly had the world at my feet.

While Kenzan Tiles was actually sold during a tough economy in the late 1990’s, my father still asked me to join him on an incredible adventure with a company that would be known as DOUGLAS JONES Mosaics. However, before I could start this adventure, my father insisted that for two years, I had to work ‘out in the world’ so to speak.  I took up the challenge and two years before we started the company in 1999, I was absorbed into the corporate investment world and I honestly loved my time with Investment Frontiers.

Twenty Years later, I am so very happy to say that I am half way through my next adventure! Things change and people change. If you do not have a willingness to learn and a passion for what you are doing, chances are that you will not be effective in your field. Reaching the fighting forties was truly a milestone for me and over the last five years I have found myself wanting to be challenged and stretched in new ways within the creative fields of design. With this in mind, I began an online interior design diploma through The Interior Design Institute at the beginning of the year. I find it quite exhilarating to be facing the challenge of studying again headon and expanding my knowledge in the design field!

To be brutally honest, I must advise that I have NEVER had any sort of talent when holding a pen or pencil in my hand. My wife did graphic design all the way through to matric and has passed these creative genes onto our three teenage daughters. This in itself inspired me to do something completely out my comfort zone.

The real reason behind this blog is actually to pay my respects to all the architects and designers out there for the time it takes to bring a building, home or even just a room to life via one painstaking procedure in particular – the hand drawn FLOOR PLAN! Today, we are obviously very fortunate to have computer software, simplifying this via the COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGNS (or CAD) but this does not mean that the ease of a computer can overlook the incredible attention to detail that is required when completing a FLOOR PLAN.

So with a ruler, mechanical pencil and protractor in hand, next to a blank A3 page of graph paper, I cannot begin to tell you how daunting this task felt like to me. That said, I truly do love a challenge and one week later I was able to submit my assignment with a huge amount of pride.

What I have gained in the last five months is an understanding and respect for ALL architects and interior designers out there. I say, well done to you all and keep up the great work! You are artists in your field creating masterpieces for all of us to enjoy and appreciate.

Come the end of 2020, I hope to have qualified in the field of Interior Design, in order to consult with a greater understanding and appreciation of this industry.

Come 2021, who knows…maybe I will try my luck with graphic design….or even learn a new language! Whatever the next challenge, I will accept it with open arms and make sure I do it with the single minded purpose of growing, changing, learning,stretching and living life to the full!


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