‘The future is bespoke, expressive, personal….we sell functional art that defines who you are’
– Anthony Douglas-Jones

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“The future is bespoke, expressive, personal….”

Anthony Douglas-Jones has been in the tile industry since joining his father, Robin, in 2000 at DOUGLAS JONES mosaics. Prior to this, Anthony had been working as a Foreign Investment consultant at Old Mutual for two years after completing a BComm Degree at the University of Stellenbosch.

Anthony explains that the idea to start ORIGIN8 began in August 2008 (08/08) but decided to delay that launch to the Southern African market as the world was battling to come to grips with an unpredictable environment post the international market collapse of 2008.

The time between 2008 and the eventual introduction of the company 10 years later in 2018 (with the first introductory meeting taking place on 08/08 of this year) was one of intense research into the actual needs of the Southern African market.

The eventual launch was both exciting and challenging as Anthony explains,

” the challenge was to break down and then rebuild the common thought on tile décor thinking. The options are in fact limitless, regardless of one’s budget. The future is bespoke, expressive, personal….”


– Anthony, Origin8

So, with a small staff compliment including the visionary skills of his wife, Jackie, the team have structured the business in such a way so as to reach everyone and to discriminate no one.


-The Origin8 Team

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